Snow Gloves

For warm hands in winter, Dakine provides warm hands during cold winterdays! Thanks to ergonomic shape and carefully selected materials our ski & snowboard gloves provide maximum protection and a comfortable fit. Even with temperatures below zero, Dakine winter gloves woll keep your hands warm and dry.



Preformed finger construction

The finger position and the back of the hand are ergonomically pre-shaped and adapted to the natural relaxation position of the hand and fingers. Dakine Ski & Snowboard Gloves are made of functional materials that ensure optimum blood circulation into the fingertips. This is to provide pleasant warm hands even on very cold weather situations. 


Dakine Heat Index

Depending on temperature Dakine offers finger gloves and mittens having different kinds of thermal profiles. Using the heat index, you can compare how warm your gloves are. All gloves are marked on a scale from 1 (lower insulation, suitable for milder climate) to 5 (maximum heat). Please note: due to design Dakine Mittens are always warmer than finger gloves.



Tecnical Features

Touch-Screen compatibel


Dakine offers touchscreen compatible winter gloves for cold condition. Thanks to this great technical feature annoying glove removal on the ski / snowboard slope is not necessary any more. 



Waterproof inserts

Polyurethane inserts improves comfort and performance using patent pending laminate construction featuring a special knit backer. Its products are durable waterproof, breathable and windproof to keep your hands warm, dry and comfortable.

GORE-TEX® Gloves

Gore-Tex-W-rmeisolierung    Gore-Tex-Waterproof-Breathable-Insert    gore-warm-active-grip

All Dakine products that are engineered with Gore-Tex® fabric are promised to be durably waterproof, highly breathable and windproof. Doing sports in the snow you want to feel comfortable even in cold temperatures. Therefore Gore-Tex® gloves ensure maximal protection and warmer hands even on harsh weather conditions. Your hands stay warmer when it‘s cold, and drier when you perspire.

+Gore warm technology. These gloves are the ideal solution for warmth seekers.

+Gore active technology. These gloves are the ideal solution for active sports in cool and cold conditions.

+Gore grip technology. As a special feature, these gloves offer an easy and convenient choice between two features that used to be considered incompatible: warmth and grip.

DK Dry Membrane


Two levels of waterproof breathable outerwear fabric protection that efficiently keeps moisture out, while allowing body vapors to escape for maximum comfort while you ride. All outerwear fabrics are finished with a solvent free DWR (durable water repellent), so that water beads up and rolls off.


Thermal Insulation


With Allied RDS certified down, consumers have the security knowing the fill inside their product is the highest quality responsibly sourced down available. 



PrimaLoft® is the benchmark in performance of all synthetic insulations. It provides warmth without bulk, is water resistant, breathable, highly compressible. Moreover it is very light and has an exceptional feel. PrimaLoft® keeps you warm even when it is wet!

The best of the best with the highest warmth to weight ratio.

Looks, feels and performs like down but even when wet.

An allround product for a day in the outdoors providing comfort and breathability.




Thinsulate™ Insulation is one of the warmest yet lightweight, powerful yet thin material on the market. Fine fabric structures helps trap body heat and keep your hands warm, while allowing moisture to escape. The lightweight insulation absorbs only 1% of its own weight when wet. This keeps the hands warm even in wet snow conditions.


Shell Materials

Pittards Leather is treated on a fiber layer which is resistant to abrasion. The gloving line combines technologies with an unique leather treatment that provides excellent water resistance, outstanding durability and breathability for optimum comfort.

Drum Dyed Leather is subjected to a unique dyeing process in which leather is immersed in dye and tumbled in a drum, allowing maximum penetration. The leather turns into a premium material for maximum comfort and durability.

High Grip PU leather is a highly abrasion-resistant and comfortable outer material derived from a nylon substrate with polyurethane. The synthetic material stands for an excellent durability, grip and it is highly waterproof.

Rubbertec is a polyester substrate which has been coated with a polymer-based high-grip coating. This turns the palm of the glove into an extra durable material for extended life.

Synthetic suede material on the palm section provides excellent comfort and durability. Gloves and mittens made of this material have a kind mellow handle, combined with excellent abrasion resistance, adhesion and weather protection.



Removable 280g 4x4 Stretch Fleece inner lining is an extremely breathable and fast-drying material.

Fixed 400g Heavy Weight Teddy inner lining provides a maximum isolation and comfort.


Fixed 360g Wool: Thanks to its natural properties the inner lining of the soft wool ensures excellent heat and moisture management.


Festes 230g Mid Weight Fleece Inner lining provides excellent flexibility and comfort combined with a minimal weight. The Mid Fleece provides additional insulation.

Fixed 150g Tricot:the least bulky of all liners, lightweight Tricot provides the ultimate in dexterity and moisture management.


Shell Textiles

Hard Shell: The surface of shell textiles are treated with a durable water repellent layer (DWR) to repel light rain and snow. DWR is used in conjunction with a breathable/waterproof barrier that prevents the exterior from saturating. Without the special treatment with DWR the outerwear becomes waterlogged and heavy.

4-Wege Stretch: for maximum comfort and flexibility 4-way-stretch fabric keeps protection in all weather conditions. The surface is treated with water repellent layer (DWR) in order to keep flexible and durable.

Corded Nylon: this stretch fabric provides more comfort and a unrestricted freedom of movement.The fabric is treated on the surface with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) and coated on the inside for added water repellency and durability.

Gore-Windstopper-W-rmeisolierungGore® Windstopper® products offer a great combination of excellent windproofness and breathability and gives you the freedom of being outside in all weather conditions. The ultra light and thin Windstopper® membrane adds total wind protection to the textile with keeping the best breathability. 

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