Dakine Shop Teamrider

Who are the Dakine Shop Team Riders?

Our Dakine Shop Team is a great mix of young athletes from the Dakine disciplines KitesurfWindsurfSurfMountainbikeSkateSki and Snowboard. The friendly contact and permanent communication with athletes from the sports scene helps our product developers and designers to optimize the quality of the Dakine products and keep them always up to date.

Why does Dakine Shop support young talents?

Dakine Shop has always cared about junior athletes and young board sport talents and it is beautiful to support and observe our promising youngsters, leading them to first successes. Furthermore, Dakine Shop supports a number of social aid projects from the surfing and winter sports scene. You want to keep yourself up to date about our projects and “fresh faces“? Follow us on FacebookInstagram and our Dakine World Blog.

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 Janina Zeitler / Surf  Alina Kornelli / Kitesurf  Alina Shalin / Kitesurf
 Henri-Kolberg-Dakine-Shop-Windsurf-Teamrider5b61d655c546e  Timo-Hecken-Dakine-Shop-Kitesurf-Teamrider5b61d6574e96c  InstaSave_small
 Henri Kolberg / Windsurf  Timo Hecken / Kitesurf  Mikey Wieczorek / Windsurf
 dakine-shop-freeski-teamrider-roli-loipold5b61d653560bb  dakine_shop_teamrider_rottenbach5b61d652e7404  Fiasko-Racing-Crew-Dakine-Shop-Bike-Teamrider5b61d653b3dca
 Roli Loipold / Freeski  Familie Rottenbach / Windsurf  Fiasko Racing Crew / Bike
 Valentin-Boekler-Dakine-Shop-Windsurf-Teamrider-1  Johannes-Rohrmoser-Dakine-Shop-Ski-Teamrider-1  hazel-15b61d6fa51e21
 Valentin Böckler / Windsurf   Johannes Rohrmoser / Freeski  Andreas Hasselbeck / Freeski
 gunnar-15b61d6541c6d4  tine-15b61d657a567f  Tom-FR-390x280-profil5b61d65826c44
 Gunnar Biniasch / Kitesurf  Christine Bönninger / Kitesurf   Tom Venderotte / Snowboard



Janina Zeitler



Sports: Surf, Windsurf, Skate, Ski, Snowboard, Tennis

Nationality: German

Date of birth: 19.09.2000

Homebase: Brunnthal / Munich

Favorite move: Seventwenty, layback spray, snap

Favorite sound: charts

Favorite food: Lasagne

Sponsors: Dakine shop, Delight Alliance Riverboards, Kazuma Boards Maui, Sanuk footware, Shisha clothing, Surfline Morocco camps, Santoloco, Woodyframe, Janga wetsuits

Love: Fun, Friends, Travelling, Sports

Hate: Envy and exaggerated ambition



Alina Lisa Kornelli



Sport: Kitesurfing, Snowboarding

Nationality: German / Austrian

Date of birth: 15.05.2000

Homebase: Munich

Favorite Spot: Brasilian Macapa

Favorite move: S-Bent

Favorite food: Pizza

Sponsors: Dakine Shop, Core, Carved, kitesurfandmore.de

Love: Shallow Waters, Wind, Sun, Friends

Hate: Kiting in the Cold



Alina Shalin / Kitesurf


Sport: Kitesurfing, (River-)Surfing, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing

Nationality: German

Date of birth: 20.06.1994

Homebase: Munich

Favorite spot: Cape Town

Favorite move: strapless Kitesurfing

Favorite sound: Xavier Rudd

Favorite food: Asian

Sponsors: Dakine Shop, Flysurfer Kiteboarding, Glidesoul, JaKlar Positive Vibes

Love: Travel, Explore, our Oceans, Family

Hate: Disrespect for our oceans


Michael "Mikey" Wieczorek / Windsurf


Sport: Windsurf

Nationality: Deutsch

Date of birth: 04.02.1994

Homebase: Munich, Germany

Favorite spot: Lake Garda

Favorite move: Air bob

Favorite sound: a bit of everything

Favorite food: Pizza and beans

Sponsors: Dakine shop, Severne Sails, Tricktionary, Irom Fins, Bestwind Store

Love: Nature

Hate: Cities

Instagram: @meiky_wieczorek 



Tom Venderotte / Snowboard


Sport: Snowboarding, Skating

Nationality: French

Date of birth: 25.07.2001

Homebase: Toulouse

Favorite Spot: BS 720 Melon

Favorite move: The message from NAS

Favorite food: Fajitas

Sponsors: Dakine Shop, K2 Snowboarding

Love: Skateboard, Wakeboard, Videospiele

Hate: Negativity

What are your 5 greatest sport successes?

What are your goals for the future?
Made my way to the X-GAMES

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
I enjoy every moment and always keep having fun !

Why are you proud to be sponsored by Dakine Shop?
I have been using Dakine products since I started to practise snowboarding, and I am very happy to have a dakine shop sponsorship.



Christine Bönniger


Sport: Kitesurfing

Nationality: german

Date of birth: 10th April 1987

Homebase: Kiel Favorite Spot: Stein (near Kiel)

Favorite move: back to revert

Favorite sound: Bloc Party, Editors

Favorite food: Sushi and Thai-Curry

Sponsors: Dakine Shop, Flysurfer Kiteboarding, Schwerelosigkite, Xcel Wetsuits, Windfinder.com

Love: sommerlichen Ost-Thermik-Wind, weil der so schön warm und konstant ist. Da übt es sich neue Tricks am besten.

Hate: ein kalter Sommer ohne Wind und viel Regen.

Your 5 greatest sport successes:  

1st Place PKRA Worldcup Germany Slalom 2013

2nd Place PKRA Worldcup Germany Course Race 2012

German Champion Course Race 2011+2012

German Vice-Champion Freestyle 2012

Winner of the Kitesurf Tour Europe Course Race 2012

Do you have any future goals?

Win a Worldcup Championship! 

About me:

I'm very ambitious on my studies and my sports. Still it's important to always keep having fun and not take yourself to seriously.

Why are you proud to be sponsored by Dakine?

The products have perfect quality and bright colors that fit my style perfectly. Since I'm travelling a lot all around the globe, great quality, support and service always make the difference.


Gunnar „Chinatown“ Biniasch


Sport: Kitesurfing

Nationality: Germany

Date of birth: 15-02.1978

Homebase: Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Favorite Spot: Flag Beach, Fuerteventura

Favorite move: Going Huge!

Favorite sound: Currently I am listening to Halestorm a lot

Favorite food: STEAK Boards/Ski/Kite/etc.: Gaastra JET Board and Kites, Gaastra Xenon Board

Sponsors: Dakine Shop, Gaastra Kiteboarding, Fuertwagen VW, Xcel Wetsuits, Schwerelosigkite, Triggernaut

Love: Wind

Hate: Cold

Your 5 greatest sport successes:  

2. Weltrangliste Slalom ende 2012

Deutscher Meister Kite Race 2010

Deutscher Vize Meister Kiterace 2011

5. Kiteworldcup Sylte Race 2010

3. Kitecross Tour Europe 2005

Do you have any future goals?

Kiterace Master (ü35) 

Slalom Worldcup Champion

About me:

I've been kiting since 1999 and can't imagine doing anything else. This year I hope to be able to compete for winning the slalom cup.

Why are you proud to be sponsored by Dakine?

Dakine has great products. Their kite bags and harnesses support my professional life as a kitesurfer and have me prepared for every situation that's ahead. 


Andreas "Hazel" Hasselbeck


Sport: Freeski

Nationality: Austrian

Date of birth: 24th December 1979

Homebase: Whistler (winter), Alpbach (summer)

Favorite Spot: Whistler, Verbier, Chamonix

Favorite move: Backflip, Doggystyle ;)

Favorite sound: Philter, Bonobo, Two Door Cinema Club, FM4

Favorite food: Pork Roast with dumplings (Schweinsbraten mit Knödel)

Sponsors: Dakine Shop, Hagen Tours, Pimp Hands

Love: Everything beautiful or delicious, e.g. Powder snow, Franziskaner Weißbier, any good food, nature,

Hate: People without any passion, Negativity

Your greatest sport successes:  
13. Lake Louise Big Mountain Challange
18. Freeskiing World Tour Chile
20. Freeskiing World Tour Argentinien

Do you have any future goals?
To pass on my passion for skiing, mountainbiking etc. to other people with my films.

About me:
I'm a relaxed bavarian pearson who appreciates even the small moments of life. I like to have fun and spend quality time with my friends.

Why are you proud to be sponsored by Dakine?
Dakine products are super stylish and the brand has a great product range and choice in colors. All products convince with their high quality.

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